They are the angel gulls


    Their eyes are looking at the sky, raining tears and blood. Their hearts are filled with fear and grief. Their faces are pale worrying about the unknown future.

    One day they had had a school where they could learn and play…

    They had had a home, where the father is working and the mother is cooking and taking care of the family…

    Now, their father had either became disabled or killed by terrorists

    Their mother had either died or became a prisoner.

    Today, those children are orphans, homeless, with no education and health care. Their stomachs are hungry, and their beds are the streets. They are our children… the children of Iraq.

    Let's work hardly and sincerely for them. Let's turn them into advocates for humanity and bright future. Let's fill up their hearts with love and peace, and their minds with knowledge, rather than letting them be an easy prey for terrorists to use them in death making.





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